Harrell's wax filler sticks

A blend of waxes in hard sticks for repairing small blemishes such as scratches on finished furniture.

Harrell's furniture reviver

A mild reviver used by restorers for cleaning, and removing marks and dirt from antique furniture prior to waxing with Harrell's traditional wax polish.

Harrell's ring remover

A secret formulation passed onto us by one of London's top antique restorers, to help remove water and ring marks from most types of finished furniture.

Harrell's Shellac Sanding Sealer

A natural shellac based sanding sealer for use under Harrell's Wax as a sealer coat or prior to French Polishing

Harrell's Finishing Oil

An easy to use oil finish for all types of wooden surfaces. Harrell's Finishing Oil penetrates the timber producing a hard wearing low lustre finish.

Harrell's Furniture Cleaner

A mild solvent based cleaner used

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